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M. Vega, Indie Entrepreneur

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02/18/2021: “Hi Yvonne I am a new subscriber and I am really enjoying your treasure trove of healing videos. I appreciate how you are right to the point and show examples of the exercises and your encouragement. I look forward to watching all of your videos, I am learning so much from you and when I do the exercises I can feel my body reacting, and shifting into a healthier and balanced state.” T.F.

02/01/2021: “Hi. I enjoyed the vid so much. I have been trying to search for YouTube video like yours that breaks down everything in this vid.” Cedric L.

 02/01/2021: “Thanks so much. I am going to share this and I’m going to give you a shout-out on my main channel!!!! I’ll send that to you soon as I do it!!!!!!! Thanks so much Yvonne. Your AMAZING!!!” Anonymous

12/15/2020: “Thank you for this. Simple, short, helpful. You get right to the point of the exercise without getting too buried in emotion. Great for visualizing an exit path for negative energy. Blessings to all who read. Congrats on growing viewership.” Anonymous

10/20/2020: “God bless you for your always there for me, when I need reaffirming, inspiration and motivation. Thank you!” P.A.H.

10/10/2020: “You are the only energy practitioner I can follow and complete a daily routine💙everyone else annoys me🤣 I know, and I am diving deep to fix those issues. Thank You for your time. Love and light.” E.S.W.

09/21/2020: “Yo I’ve been dealing with this for like almost a year did almost everything and nothing worked and I JUST CANT BELIEVE HOW IT WORKED I MUST BE DREAMING I LOVE YOU 😭 AND THANK YOU” Anonymous

04/15/2020: “Thank you for this! It’s wonderful. 🙏 I have tried a few distance reiki videos and had not felt any desire to revisit any of those. I know I will come back to this again and again. Love 💗 Thanks again!” B.M.