Abundance Guided Meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza; 50Min

This guided meditation by Joe Dispenza will guide you to a positive transformation, that can help you create the life of your dreams in abundance. Whether you are looking for a new career, an improved or even a new life partner, a new home, or even improved health. This meditation session and a strong belief in your desire to receive everything in abundance is the perfect way to start your day.

Enjoy the relaxing vibrations, with proper breathing, and open your heart and body to set yourself up for developing a strong connection with yourself to support you on the journey of change.
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Abraham Hicks 12/2022 After THIS Things Will Manifest Like Crazy Out of Nowhere

If you’re serious about manifesting your dreams and getting the life you want, then you need to listen to Abraham Hicks’ December 2022 message. This message will help you take action and achieve your goals. After hearing this message, things will start to happen that you never thought possible!
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Joe Dispenza Sleep Meditation Guided

By following this Dispenza meditation, you will get to know yourself better. By doing Joe Dispenza’s meditation You will start to notice changes in your mental and physical health including lower stress levels, healthier immune system, increased memory, concentration, and energy.
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Powerful Generating Abundance Guided Meditation; Dr Joe Dispenza

Screen shot from Dr. Dispenza abundance meditation video

Journey within with Dr. Joe Dispenza to create the conditions to manifest abundance in your life. This powerful generating abundance guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza will help raise your consciousness and create positive changes for the future.
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Dr. Joe Dispenza Powerful Meditation (15 min)

Change your life by breaking old habits and limiting beliefs that have left you feeling stuck and doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We have the power to change, to become the best vision of self with endless opportunities by letting go of negative beliefs that are stored deep in the sub-conscience mind and start replacing them with positive successful ones.
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Dr Joe Dispenza – Access Higher Dimensions By Activating Your 3rd-Eye

How can the pineal gland induce a transcendental experience? We go even deeper into the processes of the brain and the neurochemistry that creates transcendental experiences. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the different states of consciousness, brain wave states, role of the pineal (Third-eye) and how to activate it to tune in to the higher dimensions.
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