How to Energy Heal away Anger and/or Stress

Yvonnne Decelis demonstrates 2 energy healing routines that can be used to help you safely release anger or stress. Thank you for your time; happy holidays!

00:00 Introduction & Opening Words
01:51 Proper Breathing Technique 4 Energy Healing
02:20 How to Release Anger
04:46 Releasing Negative Energy Safely
06:23 How to Release Stress with a Comfort Clasp
07:14 Closing Words
07:32 Thank you, and Happy Holidays!!
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How to Fix Digestion Problems [Requested Replay from 2020)

Yvonne Decelis demonstrates a few easy routines you can do to help yourself with digestive troubles that can lead to discomfort in your stomach (sour belly, gas, constipation, etc.) or lower back in this previously released video. These routines will help to get your digestion back on the right track (and running at the right speed) during the cold(er) Fall and Winter months making room for energy with a “sideswipe” and an ileocecal valve massage.
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