Abraham Hicks 03/23 Do This b4 Any Action & Everything Will Unfold!

YNergy Guest video (Podcast) featuring Abraham Hicks
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How to Release Negative Emotions with Energy Healing

Yvonne Decelis demonstrates how to release negative emotions with energy healing. These techniques can help you free yourself from the negative emotions holding you back.

00:00 Introduction and Opening Words
00:18 List of routines in this video
01:14 Fingertip grip
02:15 Vulcan hands
02:55 Ideal breathing for energy healing
04:46 Releasing anger into a “bag”
05:55 Release of negativity
06:12 Releasing anger into hands
08:23 K27 points
08:45 Shoulder to hip crossover
09:02 Closing words
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YNergy Update & Season’s Greetings Podcast

I have a new microphone and am hoping my audio “woes” have been resolved so people can hear me. I discuss my YouTube energy healing how-to channel on YouTube (YNergy) and also wish happy holidays to everyone.

-Yvonne Decelis
Energy Healer and Life Coach
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Gold Star Mothers Park Walk and Talk

A brief walk at Gold Star Mothers’ Park in Cambridge MA. Thank you very much for your visit to YNergy! Contents 00:00 Introduction + Opening words 00:20 The Gold Star Mothers’ Park (NOT Walk) 01:24 Chat re Collagen Peptide Powder and pain 02:23 Other Collagen brand (Vital Proteins Collagen) 03:07 Closing words 03:25 Thank you for your time!
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Dr Joe Dispenza Abundance Guided Meditation (50 min)

This guided meditation by Joe Dispenza will guide you to a positive transformation, that can help you create the life of your dreams in abundance. Whether you are looking for a new career, improved or even new life partner, a new home, or even improved health. This meditation session along with a strong belief in your desire to receive everything in abundance is the perfect way to start your day.
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