A Free Reiki Healing Session

Yvonne Decelis provides a free distance reiki healing session. First, she demonstrates how you can clear yourself of negativity. She then does a healing session and follows it up with a few quick energizing energy healing exercises to help you come out of the meditative state. ~REPOST~
00:00 Introduction & Opening Words
00:11 Breathing Method for Energy Healing
01:39 Chakras
03:37 Tai Chi to remove negativity
07:18 Reiki Healing Session
23:45 End of Reiki Session; countdown to come out of meditation
24:31 Thymus thump
24:48 K27 points
25:32 Cheekbones
25:59 Closing words
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Good Reiki Energy is Coming to You Right Now!

If you are watching this video, good reiki energy is coming your way right now!

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Sending Reiki Energy
00:28 Closing & thank you!

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